Bathroom Products

I’ve been having a think about how we can find unpackaged products for things like shampoo and conditioner. I’m hoping to find similar things which are made locally, but as a back-up I’ve seen that Lush do some excellent looking solid products like shampoo bars. Here is their Jason and the Argan Oil 

They also do solid conditioners like this Jungle conditioner. We could also use natural alternatives like eggs, avocado, and banana, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Solid deodorants  are on their menu too, but I’m probably going to continue using the alum crystal deodorant which I already use. I just might have to think of a creative way of sourcing it.

Lush even sell solid toothpaste (but these come in a recycled and recycleble/compostable box) Like these Chou Chou I Love You’s

I think I’m going to make my own toothpaste though to make it truly package-free, if I can find somewhere which sells loose bicarbonate of soda.

Hats off to Lush however for doing a good range of package-free products.


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