“Unpackage Me” complete their “No Plastic October”.

I’ve just read about these guys who have done a marvellous job of going through a whole month without buying anything in plastic. They’ve also researched a lot about the implications of plastic packaging, and it’s well worth a read.

Congratulations guys!


Unpackage Me

Today has been the final day of the first ever No Plastic October; an entire month without plastic packaging. When Lindsay and I conceived the idea of a No Plastic October about 8 weeks ago we had little idea what it was going to be like or what was going to happen. Sitting here writing the final blog of the month I find myself smiling as I reflect over all the things have happened over the past few weeks; all of the people we have met, the positive changes that we have created, and the no plastic solutions that we have found. It’s been great!

Unpackage Me A4 2-1 Unpackage Me was conceived by two behavioural ecologists chatting over a glass of wine just over 8 weeks ago. Perturbed by the amount of plastic we kept throwing away and the scary facts we kept hearing about the problems caused by plastics we knew…

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