Trash Backwards provides some inspiration for junk free dental floss

I just came across Trash Backwards, a very interesting blog with suggestions for reducing your junk, with a focus on re-using every day items.

The thing that lead me there was the search for a dental floss alternative – I’m a bit of a dental floss addict and am worrying about how to find a package free alternative. Unfortunately this excellent stuff comes encased in a little but sturdy plastic case… I seem to have accumulated a  small collection. If only they were like sewing machine spools that could be re-threaded from a monster size one that would last you a year 🙂 I guess something like this must happen in the factories that produce them.

Various alternatives have come to mind, including celery strings, but I fear they won’t be up to the job! My search brought me to Trash Backward’s Zero bathroom waste article, which suggests a range of products from ‘The natural dentist’, including wooden picks in a card package.

They sound good but we are trying to avoid card packaging as well as plastic. One of the comments to the article (from user ‘Mind Bird’, thanks) suggests using quilting thread, which oddly enough I happen to have around.

I’ll try it out & report how it works out!

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