Where are the refill shops!

January is drawing close, so today’s mission is to find what I think of as ‘refill shops’ in North London.

I’m thinking of little independent shops, not necessarily branded as health food shops, with products like liquid soap, detergent, nuts, seeds etc available loose.

An internet search isn’t bringing up much so maybe I’m using the wrong term – or maybe there is no standard word for these shops. Jenny & I have sometimes wondered whether these little shops are overlooked by the kind of people who shop at health food shops, because they don’t have an ‘eco’ brand, or the expensive prices that sometimes go with this.

I remember one in my hometown that we used to shop at, that eventually closed down.

The search so far is not encouraging.

A depressing Independent article ‘Shoppers’s green fatigue hits refill revolution‘. The main theme is the failure of mainstream chains to take up refilling. It does mention a chain called Whole Foods.

Also sad – it looks like there was an amazing refill shop trying out the ‘eco-branded’ route in Hackney, called Unpackaged… which has closed 😦

The website says it’s coming back. I hope so. In case you’re listening, please come back soon Unpackaged!

Starting to think I’m going to have to cook without any oil for the whole of January!!

My search did suggest a nearby Mother Earth health food shop, and I’m also on the trail of a little herbal shop in Stamford Hill/ Stoke Newington which I think might be called Food for All.

More later!

Quick update: According to the Metro article ‘Plastic ain’t fantastic, refill instead to reduce your waste‘, Borough Wines in London might do olive oil refills..

(P.s dental floss experiments with embroidering thread not working… maybe tooth picks are the way forward).

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