The Challenge

To make it all the way through January without buying anything with packaging.

Our Aims:

  • Appreciation of the amount of package waste we consume
  • Raising awareness of unnecessary packaging.
  • Raising some money for Greenpeace, who fight tirelessly on these issues.

The Rules:

  • Only buy/use food that isn’t packaged.
  • Only buy products which aren’t packaged.


Would you like to join us in this challenge?

Either make your own blog and we will happily link to you, or just keep us up to date with your progress here, on Twitter, or on Facebook. The more the merrier!


8 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. I buy most of my food from a fresh food market in Sydney: Paddy’s Markets. I reuse containers or plastic bags, or simply put what I buy in my backpack. I also make my own yoghurt and cheese, which greatly reduces the amount of packaging I consume. I also consume eggs, milk and orange juice, which is packaged, but is recyclable.

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  2. Great to hear about your initiative! As you saw, we just finished our plastic-free November and are quite happy about our experiences. Also check out unpackage me, they did the same in October and have some pretty nice tips on their blog:
    Good luck! We looking forward to read about your experiences and to learn from each other.
    Best regards from Switzerland!

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    1. Thanks for your support, and congratulations for completing your plastic-free November!

      Unpackage Me looks excellent. I think the more tips we share the better. I’m so happy to see that others have had similar ideas to ours, and how you’ve all learnt so much from the exercise.


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